Casati Continued...

"The door to where we sat chatting suddenly opened. A dead woman entered. Her superb body was  modeling a dress of white satin that was wrapped around her like a shroud and dragged behind her. A bouquet of orchids hid her breast. Her hair was red and her complexion livid like alabaster. Her face was devoured by two enormous eyes, whose black pupils almost overwhelmed her mouth painted a red so vivid that it seemed like a strip of coagulated blood. In her arms, she carried a baby leopard...She pointed a small diamond-studded monocle on the other guests and invited them to a masquerade ball."                      

Gabriel-Louis Prinque (Paris, 1948)

If I have peaked your curiosity about Luisa Casati, you may want to check out a book entitled The Marchesa Casati: Portrait of a Muse.  Written by Scot D. Ryersson & Michael Orlando Yaccarino, this beautiful book accounts the extraordinary details of Casati's fascinating life with incredible stories, gorgeous artwork and incredible photographs.


  1. I'm so glad you are posting more! Your drawings are so beautiful! I like this one!

  2. Ah Deanna, how I love your work so! I wish I could draw as well as this.

    The overall design is stunning.

  3. Yes you did. I quickly wiki'd her and she's quite interesting... Cool piece!

  4. this is so beautiful./...