Cultured Swine!

In a tiny neighbourhood bar, tucked behind an old 'snack shop' sign, I was having some wine with a friend.  It was Monday, otherwise knows as 'De-cide On The B-Side' night at Communist's Daughter.  Patrons bring their favourite LPs, and one at a time, they're played out for the entire bar.  Once A-side finishes, it's time for everyone to vote.  Would you rather listen on to the B-Side?  ...or embrace 'the mystery' that is the next record.  The A-side of my record had just finished.  It was an Italian album by Robertino Loreti, a 1950s teenage singing sensation.  We would have listened to the whole record, if not for a table of particularly hipsterish Hipsters who voted the album out...no B-Side.  A gesture to which I replied, 'You uncultured swine!'

Then I thought to myself...what would cultured swine look like?

...because they can't all be uncultured, right?

This is the result...(and yes, I know I'm weird).


  1. Your drawing reminds me the song "Piggies" from The Beatles. ;)

    I really like this illustration!

  2. hahah nice story, that bar sounds cool. really great drawings. are these fully digital?

  3. thank you everyone! and yes, Sussman, these are completely digital. :)

  4. these are really very inspiring. thanks for sharing :)