La Marchesa Casati: A Living Work of Art

Luisa Casati (23 January 1881 – 1 June 1957)


"I was falling asleep in my studio one night...my manservant came to me in a frightened state after the unexpected arrival of a visitor- a woman in black velvet with a large silver dog. The lady, he claimed, appeared so strange as to make him wonder whether he was dreaming. Intrigued, I went downstairs. There I saw a woman with brilliant eyes accompanied by a slender Russian greyhound in a silver topcoat and pearl collar. The visitor introduced herself. 'I am the Marchesa Casati. Two days ago in London, I saw one of your canvases and I have decided to be painted. In my hands, I will hold a blue crystal ball... Now, get your paintbrushes. I have only this night to give you'."

Federico Armando Beltran-Masses (Paris, 1922)

"She sits motionless. Transfixed. Set in a face the colour of bleached bone, two great orbs focus inward... Perhaps in defiance or wicked amusement, the twin spheres refuse to offer up their secrets easily. A torrent of flame caresses the contours of her ivory mask. The tremendous heat of the day poses no threat. For shadows forever cling to her as if in adoration."

An excerpt from 'The Marchesa Casati: Portaits of A Muse'


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